Welcome to River Ridge Golf Course and Restaurant!

Our Business:

River Ridge is not just in the golf and restaurant business, we are in the EXPERIENCE business. We’re a destination, a home-away-from-home, a place to celebrate and rejoice, relax and unwind, party and network. Whether you are looking for a venue to host your next meeting, an elegant setting in which to celebrate a wedding or shower, a facility to entertain your upcoming fundraiser or reunion, or a quiet, private space to mourn, deliberate, plan, organize, brainstorm, train or debate, we’d love to be a part of it. Our place is your place, and if there is any way at all we can accommodate you and create for you an experience, we would love to do it.

We call our dining room “the living room” for a reason – there is a lot of life to live, and a life full of experiences is the richest, most fulfilling kind.

River Ridge Mission Statement:

To serve others and pay forward all that we have been blessed with. To treat every customer as though they are a guest in our home, and each member and employee as though they are family. To create a place of refuge for everyone who enters here – employees, visitors and guests alike. To provide experiences that are worth having, and to support our four core values in all that we do.

Our Core Values:

God. We believe in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God the Father. We believe that all things come from Him, and He is before all things. We try to exemplify through our business the love, grace, forgiveness and offering that was bestowed upon us when He paid the ultimate price for our sins. Not one of us is above another, for we are all at the foot of the cross.

Family. Whether our lives are full of struggle or joy, all things are better when we are surrounded by people who love and support us. Family can mean many things: blood relations, brothers in arms, lifelong friends, the love of your life. At River Ridge we believe that our members and regular guests are our family, and that our business is theirs. Without them, and without all of you, we really are nothing. Family is what makes us strong, both as a business and as individuals.

Community. River Ridge firmly believes in supporting community and local businesses. Every dollar that we bring in we attempt to return to the Yakima Valley by purchasing necessary goods and services from small, local vendors. If we can buy it local, we do! River Ridge pays our staff to volunteer with local organizations, when appropriate. We also understand that the money spent in our facility is yours, and it’s hard earned. We will never stop trying to earn your patronage and honor your support of our business by bettering the neighborhood through events and experiences that will improve the community as a whole. We’re all in this together, and River Ridge wants to do our part to make our community a great one.

Education. We love to learn! Wisdom desires education, education is knowledge, and knowledge is powerful. We fully support any and all attempts to make ourselves and others better through learning. We often pay class fees to better our employees, and we enjoy employing students as they make their way through college. They say the world’s knowledge doubled every century of human history before the 1800’s. Now, due to current technological advancements, knowledge doubles once every year. That's a lot of stuff to learn about! No matter how great we become, there is always more to learn. Let’s get to it!

Thanks for Visiting River Ridge

We look forward to serving you!

While you’re here, check out the Blog for general updates on tournaments and events happening at River Ridge. The Golf page lists our current course rates, Tournaments provides details, purchase information, and a “buy now” option for the next opportunity to play. For information about event services, click our Calendar page, and be sure to head over to the Restaurant for your next tasty meal.

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