Outdoor Concert Series #3 – Nerve Centr

We have partnered again with CM Entertainment to bring you another night of live music outside!

Nerve Centr is a rock band from Tri-Cites. We love everyone who has a motto and they have a GREAT one…”Aim to entertain”  Musicians are regular people like you and I but Alan, Craig and Jerry have some AWESOME fun facts to share so when you see them try to guess which facts is whose…

  1. Which one of us is a scientist who is working on developing biodegradable rocket fuel?  (ok can I have some of that? I have a million places to be in a day)
  2. Which one of us rides a Harley? (We have bikers that come to the course, so be sure to talk a little biker talk during a break)
  3. Which one of us played in a punk band in the ’80s called Mental Heath (who also played alongside Violent Femmes) and when was a kid pitched a no-hitter in pee wee baseball at age 11? (Bring your kids to talk to him if they play ball…inspiration is every where)

Check out their website https://www.nervecentr.com

Nerve Centr

We look for ward to seeing you July 21st 8-11pm

$10 Admission (ticket link coming soon, will be posted on the Facebook event)

All ages welcome

$15 drink punch card available at will call — cash only