American Honey (Final Outdoor Concert for 2017 on 9.15.17)

We embarked on a new adventure to our Events end of River Ridge and we hope you have enjoyed any (or all) of the concerts you have attended. We are closing out our first summer outdoor concert series with a great local country band!


American Honey  will be bringing their Trio to the stage on Friday September 15th from 6-9pm.

 Call ahead early at 697-8323. Seats will fill up fast.  Cover is waived if you have a deck reservation!

You can order food to go and enjoy the grassy area.  Bring a blanket or a lawn chair.

These tickets are available at or at the CM Entertainment Tent (cash only)

Drink card special also available at CM Entertainment Tent (cash only)

Little insight to how the band got their name… Front woman Audre says ” We decided our name one day when we were all sitting around having a band BBQ and we happened to be drinking Wild Turkey American Honey whiskey. We had been trying to decide on a name for a couple weeks and the guys started pointing out things in sight, like the ketchup, relish, or mustard bottle. We all laughed until Bill said “American Honey”…. we all stopped and looked at each other and we all knew that was it!”

When you know, you know… am I right? So please join Audre (Vocals/Acoustic), Bill Cron (Lead Acoustic), and Brian Parker (Cajon Drum) and the staff of River Ridge and CM Entertainment as we dance and sing the night away. It will be show you won’t want to miss.


P.S. If you follow them on Facebook…did you see the video of Audre singing the Star Spangled Banner…MINDBLOWN!

American Honey Trio