Back to School

“DAD!!! I CAN’T FIND MY SHOE!” Although this statement has developed as I have throughout the years (now it’s more of a “MOM, HAVE YOU SEEN MY CAR KEYS? I CAN’T FIND THEM ANYWHERE!”), I’m still my parents’ little girl and we’re still getting ready to send me off to school this year. For the final year of living at home. I’m sure parents will say that the final year is one of the hardest there is, and that it is comparable to the first day of school ever. I’d like to argue that the first day of senior year is much worse. I feel so overwhelmed!! So many schools to apply to, to decide from, and don’t forget the scholarship applications. My mother is already beginning to purchase bedding and other essentials for next year now, to get a head start. While this year is especially taxing on me, I can only imagine the way it makes my family feel. If I’m feeling stressed, what’s to say that customers like you won’t be? To help comfort our customers through the difficult times they’ll be seeing in the next month, we’ve hired more staff to help provide better customer service. We are also planning to do back to school weekday lunch specials for parents. We hope to see you in the clubhouse in coming weeks!


Allie :)