Comedy Night Featuring Adam Kessler

We are trying something new! COMEDY!  Do you love to laugh? Like tears running down the face, silent laughing and your side hurt!? oh, did we mention its CLEAN comedy!? CM Entertainment and River Ridge welcome Adam Kessler to town. He hails from Tri Cities and is the best in town.

Biography: (taken from his FB page) Adam Kessler started performing stand-up comedy when he was 5 years old (back in 1981) in the living room for his mom. He would watch comedians on TV and then come out & recite the jokes during commercials. He has since developed a style all of his own, he's on a mission to entertain crowds with only 100% clean material. He tells jokes he wants you to be able to repeat to your mom without being embarrassed about the joke or it's subject matter. Adam places being a comedian above almost everything else, he's always loved telling jokes and making people laugh. He's headlined his own shows and worked as a feature act for some of his favorite touring comedians. Adam Kessler is a one of a kind stand-up comic who writes jokes every day and loves everything about the world of stand-up comedy. He watches a lot of stand-up comedy and can recite a joke he heard back in 1981 as if he heard it this morning. He has performed all over Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He's going to go on to perform at venues all over the world (concert venues, comedy clubs, churches, and corporate events) so keep an eye out for him coming to a town near you. He's going to work with superstars Joe Rogan and Dennis Miller one day. Adam Kessler thinks that the world needs more laughter and he never gets tired of hearing, reading, or watching people tell jokes. The next time you see him you should tell him a joke or ask him to tell you one. Being a comedian has always been Adam Kessler's dream and he thinks living your dream is pretty important too.


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