Five facts about Happy Gilmore that you probably didn’t know!


With our final Movies on the Green coming up this Friday, I thought it would be fun to share some movie facts. I found a list of information courtesy of They listed a 25 different things about the movie, and I chose five facts that seemed to stick out! We will be playing the classic Adam Sandler movie, Happy Gilmore! For all of you who are avid Adam Sandler followers, here are five fun facts about the movie itself. We hope to see you this Friday at River Ridge for the movie and some good company with friends and family.


1.) According to IMDB, Bob Barker woulda kicked Sandler’s ass if they got in a real fight, “In the fight between Bob Barker and Happy. Bob genuinely would have won. He has studied Tang Soo Do Karate for decades under Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron.”


2.) Odyssey actually made and sold those hockey stick putters.

od_gilmore_2 picture-12

3.) Chubbs loved wearing Lacoste, the gator logo’d clothing line, despite the fact that a gator took his hand and ended his career. (I see what the writers did there)


4.) When Happy and Virginia go on their first date they go to the rink of the Minnesota Moose based in Minneapolis-St. Paul. The Moose played in the International Hockey League for two years before changing  leagues to the American Hockey League which ironically forced them into relocating to Canada. They became the Manitoba Moose.


5.) In the last scene when Happy makes the tournament winning putt did you look at anyone else besides that one chick in the orange and blue overalls?





We hope to see you all on Friday and hope you notice these fun facts while watching the movie on the green. Have a great week!