Life Choices Donation Drive

Howdy, River Ridge Family!!


I am so excited to tell you about the amazing opportunity that God has brought before us. For the next few months, we will be doing a change drive for Life Choices Pregnancy Medical Center. I am sure when you hear that, you think of Planned Parenthood. There are NO abortions at Life Choices, and they do not refer people to do abortions either. If a parent is not able or not willing to provide a happy, safe home for their future child, Life Choices helps to get them in contact with an adoption agency. On top of this, Life Choices provides free pregnancy and STD tests, as well as classes for moms to learn about how to take care of a child. Each time that a mom takes an “Earn to Learn” class, they earn “Boutique Bucks” that they can spend in the boutiques set up with books, toys, and clothes for babies. They are also provided with free diapers if needed. This non-profit organization is super top notch and we are extremely excited to provide them with a donation in order to help them pay for the supplies needed to help new moms. I even have a really close friend who was saved by this organization. Her biological mother found out she was pregnant at the Life Choices clinic and didn’t want to keep the baby. She wanted to get an abortion but the workers at the clinic were able to steer her toward an adoption agency. Thanks to them, my best friend was born and put through an adoption agency who directly gave her to her adopted family. (Ironically enough, her adopted mother was a worker at Life Choices). If it wasn’t for this clinic, I would not have my best friend, and I would probably not be the person I am today. In order to help this wonderful clinic that keeps people’s best friends in existence,  our goal is to raise $250 from you guys, followed by a donation by us matching what you donate, up to $250. Stop and drop your change in the jar to help this wonderful organization.