Recap of May


As we wrap up the month of May, it is only appropriate to touch base on what has been going on over at River Ridge. Not only have the day-to-day activities kept us busy and plentiful by those we encounter at the course, but we have implemented a couple new events that are allowing us to truly utilize our core values.

May 9th was our first wine and treats event of the year. Our wine and treats event featured Silverlake Winery as well as vendors from the community such as, Ruby Vegas Jewelry Designs, and Shorty’s Sweet Shop. We had wine tastings and those in the clubhouse were able to enjoy dinner from River Ridge, a glass of wine, and shop for Mother’s Day gifts or even themselves. We had a great turn out and are truly looking forward to our next wine and treats on June 11th.


On May 17th, we had our first driving range tournament to raise funds to complete our driving range. As any new event, there will always will be room for improvement. We learned so much about the actions we took for this event and where we want to go with it for next year. We are learning daily about those in our community, our members, and prospective customers/members at River Ridge. Overall, those who attended had a blast! Our cash cube and water balloon launcher was a hit..literally! We also hosted our first glowball tournament of the year. We want to thank all of those that participated in the tournament, the silent auction, as a sponsor, or simply enjoyed the sunny day out at the course; we couldn’t have done it without your help.

movies in the park

This brings us to the final event of the month, our “Movies on the Green” event. Tonight will be our first movie and we are so excited for it. We will be hosting Silverlake Winery wines as well as Yakima Craft Brewery beer. We will have popcorn, candy, and other goodies for you and your friends and family to enjoy while watching ‘Caddyshack’ on our new screen! We will have bug repellent and tiki torches, so bring your blankets and enjoy a night out!

In all, this month has gone by extremely fast, but here at River Ridge, we are grateful for the support we have from our family, friends, members, and community. We hope you are as excited as we are for the events coming up throughout the rest of the season.

God bless,

Aubrey :)