What is important to you?

Part of our core values at River Ridge includes family and community. Without these two values we wouldn’t be where we are today. There has been multiple changes over the past few months in order to focus and make sure we are utilizing our values correctly. Not only have we added events such as the movies on the green and night golf to our changes, but we are continuing to add our community and charity involvement through fundraisers. Some of our fundraisers coming up focus on family and community.

One of our fundraisers coming up include members of our River Ridge Family. The Speer Family Tournament on Saturday, August 23rd, will help support a dedicated and loving member of the community Randy Speer.

“We at River Ridge believe in FAMILY, and that is what Lisa is to us. That is what her dad is to us, too. It is with humble gratitude we are allowed to help the Speer Family with their fundraising efforts, and to celebrate with them as Randy fights for his life against the cancer.
Join us on August 23 as we celebrate the Speer Family, their fight for life, and their love for one another. We hope to see you there!”

More information can be found on the event page here: https://www.riverridgeselah.com/tournaments/

Another fundraiser we are focusing our efforts on is the Heartlinks Hospice and Palliative Care FUNdraiser. On September 13th, we will be hosting the fundraiser at River Ridge and all funds raised will go towards the pediatric and palliative care program in the valley helping the terminally ill children. More information and how to participate can be found here:

Overall, family and community are very important to the way we function as a whole at River Ridge. Thank you for all your participation thus far in allowing us to make certain changes and utilize our core values to their full potential. If you have any ideas or know anyone who wants to hold a fundraiser or golf tournament focusing on our values, feel free to contact us at the clubhouse, or email riverridgefeedback@gmail.com.

Have a great week and check out our Facebook for upcoming events at River Ridge.